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Latest news about my Mad World project for anybody that is interested.

Mad World is an anthology series of stories in several genres. I was about to start shooting it a couple of months ago, but another paid project came up I was going to be working on. However, that's been moved forward until later. So I'm back on to my own projects.

I'm going to start shooting the first Mad World film in late January. I haven't decided what film yet. I have several written at different budget levels, so whatever amount of money I have by the January shoot, that's what I make it for. And so on and on.

Funding these is never easy. I have self funded 80% of my own films, and the rest has came from generous contributions. I think you have to invest in yourself in the early days to get a portfolio, but unless you're a multi millionaire, you're going to go broke if you try and fund all your own films. Especially if it's a regular series of films. And some of these films are set all over the UK and International.

I "might" do a kickstarter campaign, but if I do, that's unlikely to be until March-April. In the meantime, I'm starting the first films with what I have. Of course, I'm always open to funding help, but I don't just ask for "donations". Filmmaking is obviously not a charity, so I offer some perks in return.

If I do the kickstart later, I'll have some very attractive perks. You can have more freedom with perks if you know you reach a certain budget level and such. In the meantime, I'm keeping it simple.


I'm selling Limited Edition posters for Mad World. Each new film will have a brand new poster, and I'm going to limit these to 100 posters for each film for the first Season. Obviously I haven't shot the first film yet, so the first poster will be the branded art work for Mad World. (Like the post at the top of this blog)

Each poster will be signed, and also come with a producer credit and such. I don't just want to be selling credits anymore. I like giving something physical from a project too. If I sold a 100 posters on each film, the first Season can easily be funded and grow from there. So that's the goal.

If you're interested in a poster and credit, check out the Mad World website. Or if you just want to keep up to date with the project, you can join the MAIL LIST on the website. I also have a FACEBOOK page set up for the projects.

A lot more posts coming via my main social platforms.

Many thanks for reading


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