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Mad World has a KO-FI platform!

My goal is to make a film every month with my own money and small contributions.

I didn't want to do a crowdfunding campaign for a month, as I don't have a big enough following to raise a budget for a whole season.

I just want to build the films one at a time from small budgets. Slightly increasing the budgets each month. I sell posters and credits and such via the series website

However, I wanted an infrastructure that lets me give public and private updates to supporters on text, pics, video, streams, and audio in the one space.

Patreon does that, but I don't like that it asks supporters to sign up for monthly memberships. I also don't like the platform for several other reasons. I found another platform for creators that fits what I'm trying to do perfectly.

A 100% of the contributions goes to creators. They only take a 5% cut when you sell via your shop or memberships. Unless you sign up for the $8 a month deal, and then you keep 100% of all sales

Anyway, the reason I'm detailing all this is because I also wanted to plug this to other creators that might not know about it. It's for artists, writers, filmmakers, almost any creative pursuit. I only discovered it this week.

You can either donate to the project (I hate the word donate, as I always give something for a contribution) Or there's monthly memberships. I also have a shop that I will be adding new things to in the days and weeks ahead.

If you do want to contribute to also follow my updates, make sure you also sign up for a supporters account before you buy. Unless you're also a creator.

You can donate as little as £1 for exclusive updates. I'm also giving an offer for this month only. Contribute £10 for an IMDB "Associate Producer" credit in the 2nd film we shoot at the end of this month.

If you're a creative, try it out. It's a platform that's very easy to use. (Link Below)

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