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I started shooting the first Mad World film yesterday.

Mad World is an anthology series. Stories and characters in all sorts of genres. The first film was going to be called "Mad Man" but I changed the whole idea of the story days before the shoot. The first film title has changed to "Mad World" as it makes sense to introduce the series

These films and this type of filmmaking is very experimental for me, and that's the beauty of just making films with what you have. Hey, an approach I have done for years, but at this level, I can also make changes on the days before or on the shoot.

Nothing is locked down solid or set in stone. Which you have to do if you take industry money. Or even on no budget films with small crews and a locked script. These cost so little, and are shot so fast, so I can afford to almost make films like the way a painter will start with a canvas, rough brush strokes, and have more of an organic approach.

I'm done with the old way of filmmaking I was doing before. Again, I have industry scripts too I pursue, and I can wear that hat if I get that opportunity, but my no budget path has to have no rules and be prolific. The only rule I have for me is "Don't wait, create!" I have no chance of building an audience making small films once every year or two. I have to reinvent shit for myself to build. Unless it was a huge film.

I have one more day to shoot next week on this first film, then I prep for the next at the weekends. I don't even have the money for the next one. However, I won't let it stop me, or this whole experiment won't work. It has to keep moving to build.

I can't make 4 of these films in a year to build the Mad World universe. I have to make at least 12-24 a year to get traction, so this is the goal by the end of the year with this project.


This first film is completely shot on the iphone 13 pro. I mainly shoot on DSLR's, but because of the guerrilla style of this first film, I decided to completely shoot it on a mobile. Shooting in bars, food courts, trains and such is more difficult with a built up DSLR.

Shooting on the mobile, nobody gives a shit, and the speed and freedom is liberating. I was also able to shoot things in the moment in Glasgow that wasn't in the script. I won't be working this way for every film, but there will be a discipline to each film.

Shoot in 2 days, post fast, on to the next. It's not just about making a "Film" It's about building something bigger, which can build towards a studio in the future.

If you want to support the project, check out the PERKS PAGE. Or if you want exclusive news, join the NEWS LETTER on the website. I also have a CASTING page on the website.

Thanks for reading and a special thank you to all my supporters. I will be updating the NEWS LETTER with exclusive content after I complete this film next week. And news about the next story.


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