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The first film in the Mad World series is about a man that starts to lose it over a weekend, as he tries to keep his business and life on track in these tough times.


The film will be shot in Glasgow between Jan-Feb 2023


The film will be shown to funding supporters and mail list subscribers via a private stream. The film will then be released on Vimeo On-Demand.

Once a whole season is complete, they will also be released on Amazon Prime and other global streaming platforms. 



The goal is to keep shooting a new film every month to grow this series. If you want to help us do it, check out the perks below.

Why not get on board as a producer, and you can tell your friends in a few years that you helped to make all this happen!

Thanks for reading and for hopefully supporting the project. 

David Wilde




Get a "Thank you" credit on the end

credits of this film. "Mad Man" 

You also get to see a private Stream-Download of the film when it's completed.

You don't need a paypal account to do this. You also get the option to pay 

by debit or credit card too 


Thank you Credit on IMDB "Mad Man" page of series.

Also, personal video "Thank you" message from David Wilde

(Also includes previous perk)


You get an "Associate Producer" credit on "Mad Man".

On the closing credits and IMDB.

(Also includes previous perks)



You get a "Limited Edition signed Poster" (Only 100 printed)

Mad World Artwork poster films. (Shipped early 2023)

(Also includes previous perks)







You get an "Executive Producer" credit on "Mad Man".

On the closing credits and IMDB.

(Also includes previous perks)


You get a small "Speaking Role" in "Mad Man"

Shot on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Email for details before you buy. (Only 2 available)

(Also includes previous perks)


Get your NAME on the POSTER as a CO-PRODUCER

This will be the Mad World official poster

Also, get private online VIDEO CHAT with David Wilde.

if interested in Film or Acting consultation. 


Be a SPONSOR on this "MAD MAN" film

Your PERSONAL BRAND or BUSINESS NAME in the opening credits


Your brand and links on the Vimeo On Demand release

Your Brand and links on all the films Making of and social promo content

Your name will also be in the credits for platforms like Amazon Prime Video.

Email for more details

AlAlternatively you can donate any amount below

You get a surprise perk based on the donated amount.



Also open to custom perk requests. 

Email for a custom perk suggestion


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