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March 14, 2014—Tour Stop and Review at Hooked In a Book

Happy Pi Day, Mad World peeps! While Team Mad World hits the road to see the VMars movie, you can check out this solid review from Emily at Hooked In a Book. Here's a snippet:

I felt overall that Wakefield is a very ominous account of daily routines of the teens in the institution jazzed up by random exciting incidents and mysterious conversations hinting at "special powers".

Read the full review here.

March 13, 2014—Tour Stop and Review at Rhythempoets

Author Holly Hunt gave Wakefield a great review at Rhythempoets: you get further through the book, something becomes not-right. From creepy Dr Lycen to the kids’ stories of powers and abilities, the paranormal element to this book grows and develops slowly into one hell of a climax.

Read the full review here.

March 12, 2014—Tour Stop and Guest Post at AlwaysJoArt

We've got a guest post on character development at AlwaysJoArt today. Here's a sample:

Characters can be harder to create than fascinating settings or tightly woven plots. If a character isn’t believable, relatable, or interesting, then a reader probably won’t care about the thrilling storyline. Would the Harry Potter series have been successful if Harry was a mean-spirited rich kid instead of a lovable underdog? Probably not.

Read the full post here.

March 7, 2014—Tour Stop and Review at Genuine Jenn

Today's tour stop takes us to Genuine Jenn's blog with a review from Cheryl. Here's the skinny:

A very well written story, I was captivated from the very first chapter. Was hard to put it down, all the characters developed so well, and I had so many questions i needed answers to.

Read the full review here.

March 4, 2014—Tour Stop With a Five Star Review

Our blog tour stops by Wall-to-Wall Books today and we received a glowing review from Wendy. Here's our favorite part:

This is a fun, crazy, and almost heartwarming (the way they make friends and support each other) story. When I read a book that makes me think, "Wow, I can't wait to read the next book!" that's when I know it was good!

Read the full review here.

March 3, 2014—Double Dose of Awesome

We've got two (count 'em, two!) tour stops today with two great reviews. Read Jennifer's review at Donnie Darko Girl here, and Carol's review at I'm A Voracious Reader here.

Show us and our reviewers your love with some comments, Mad World peeps!

March 2, 2014—Tour Stop at WW4BB

While you prep for the Oscars, check out our guest post on WW4BB. We're counting down our top five writing tips. Here's a teaser:

Follow the rules in moderation. Anyone who frequents writer’s blogs and forums knows “the rules.” Show, don’t tell. Don’t use adverbs. Limit your adjectives. Avoid purple prose, deus ex machina, Mary Sues, and MacGuffins. All of the infamous writer’s rules serve a valid purpose, but if you try to adhere to all of them, by the book, all the time, you’ll drive yourself crazy and slow down your writing momentum. To the extent that you can, let go of them during your first draft and let your story flow. You’ll have plenty of time to incorporate the rules when you revise. And remember that you don’t have to follow all the rules to the letter all the time. For example, if you engage in showing throughout an entire novel, you’ll exhaust yourself and your reader. Telling can be a useful tool when it’s done well.

Read the full post here.

March 1, 2014—Tour Stop at Books Direct

Happy March, all! Our virtual tour stops at Books Direct today with a review from Lynda Dickson. Read it here.

February 27, 2014—Tour Stop at Mythical Books

Today's book tour makes a stop at Mythical Books with a guest post written by Team Mad World. We talk about the role realism plays in fantasy.

You can read the guest post right here.

February 26, 2014—Tour Stop at Dream Big...Read Often

The tour continues, Mad World peeps. We're on writer Melissa's Wray's blog today with an interview. Here's a snippet:

Writers are sometimes influenced by things that happen in their own lives. Are you?

Troy: Definitely. I tend to rely less upon events and more on physical locations, like describing a character’s house based on one I’ve lived in.

Erin: As stated above, I worked in a facility similar to the one featured in Wakefield. Some of the conversations between Astrid and Eduardo are almost direct quotes of conversations that I, as a case manager, had with one of the residents. I think the question also applies the other way around. Because we were writing Wakefield primarily from the perspective of teenagers living in an institution, it allowed me to have more empathy for the teens I dealt with on a daily basis.

Read the full interview here.

February 23, 2014—Tour Stop at Andi's Young Adult Books

We're on Andi's YA Books today with a guest post in which we take on the "big three" YA tropes. Here's a teaser:

Let’s face it. YA lit has grown into a juggernaut in the past five years. Successful series like The Hunger Games and Twilight have inspired thousands of aspiring writers (including Team Mad World) to throw their hats into the YA ring. A veritable avalanche of both traditionally published and indie published YA books has come crashing down on the marketplace. Now, the natives are getting restless. Although the YA boom is relatively still young, readers and bloggers are already complaining that clichés abound and tropes are overused. The truth is, they’re not wrong. Here’s our take on the “big three” and how we’ve chosen to handle them in the Mad World series.

Check out the full post here.

February 21, 2014—Tour Stop & Interview With a New Author

We've got a double dose of awesome today, Mad World peeps. First up, an excerpt at Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews.

Then, we've got an interview at Tom Rimer's blog. He's in the midst of penning a YA novel. Here's a taste:

How difficult is it to write something new, that hasn't already been done and played out over and over again?

TROY: Since there’s billions of stories about every subject ever, it can be daunting to capture the originality. The most frustrating part is when you write something and describe it to someone, and they say, “Oh, that sounds just like (name of book or movie here).” If I know the book in question, I can quickly say that it’s completely different in feel, plot, tone, whatever, but if I’ve never heard of the book before, you start to panic.

ERIN: I love this question. Troy and I have had pretty heated discussions about this because he has admitted he doesn’t mind relying on the tried and true, while I frequently try to push the envelope and end up in wacky territory that’s bound to alienate or confuse readers. We balance each other out fairly well, because readers like what seems familiar even if they’re also craving a new twist on an old favorite.

Check out the rest here.

February 20, 2014—Tour Stop at Mom With A Kindle

We've got an interview on Michelle's Mom With A Kindle blog today. Here's a taste:

If you had a time machine, where would you go (past or future) and who would you like to visit?

Troy: It would be L.A. in the 1960s and I’d hang out with Paul Lynde.

Erin: LOL. I don’t think I can possibly top Troy’s answer. But I’d probably go for late-60s / early-70s New York so I could meet Andy Warhol and hang out at all the early punk rock clubs.

Check out the rest here.

February 17, 2014—Three...Two...One...Blog Tour!

Our month-long blog tour launches today. Woot! Check out our official launch page at Reading Addiction Blog Tours. We'll have updates on the daily. Tell your friends!

February 14, 2014—Screw V-Day - S. B. Anthony Day All the Way!

Greetings Mad World peeps. The illustrious Troy H. Gardner has a new book out in his Evermore Island series. Check out the deets on Guardian of Suffrage Celebration here.

In other news, our pre-Perfection blog tour starts February 17th. Get ready for some reviews and guest blog posts!

January 3, 2014—City Songs from Astrid

Happy 2014, all! To celebrate the new year, Astrid Chalke has honored us with her Tunnelville playlist. Any comments on this one, Astrid?

I tried to capture our exhausting trek across Western Mass, as well as the energy of the city we made our new home. A few of the songs make specific references to Boston. I know Light Rail Coyote is about Portland, but it's got such great lyrics and guitar riffs.

That last track makes our ears bleed.

*laughs* Yeah, it's a little extreme. I picked it mostly for the title. It's my attempt at dark humor after everything that went down at Arlington Station.

Oh really? What went down at Arlington Station?

If you want to know, you have to read the book. Duh.

December 8, 2013—Wakefield Still 99¢ on Amazon

Happy Holidays, Mad World peeps. We wanted to let you know that Wakefield (Mad World, Book One) is still available for only 99¢ at Amazon. It's time to tell your friends, your friends' friends, your co-workers, and even that creepy neighbor with the hairless cats about Mad World. And at such a bargain price, Wakefield also makes an excellent digital stocking stuffer. Show us your holiday spirit!

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