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October 14, 2013—Twenty Questions with Sophie

Check out our most recent interview here. Here's a snippet:

Have you ever considered writing other genres in to the Mad World series?

T: I’m all for mashing up genres, but in a series, I think the different genres need to be established early on. At this point, if we did something like suddenly injecting sci-fi into the narrative, I think it would feel like Indiana Jones fighting aliens—just wrong.

E: I agree with Troy, though I will point out that we venture a bit into the genre of alternative history for Perfection, book three in the series.

October 4, 2013—Thoughts on Editing

Curious about our editing process? We're on Katie Carroll's Observation Desk blog today, talking about that long process that takes place after you pen a first draft. Check it out here. And many thanks to Katie for hosting us!

September 29, 2013—Crank It To Eleven...

The elusive Max Fisher can be a tough cat to track down, but we managed to find him on the streets of Boston and asked him to compile a Tunnelville playlist. Here it is, complete with glorious guitar solos.

Astrid's playlist coming soon...

September 24, 2013—Interview at Offbeat YA

Check out our interview with Roberta at Offbeat YA. Here's a snippet:

Both Wakefield and Tunnelville left their share of victims on the battlefield, so to speak. *to would-be readers…no, don’t worry, no one actually dies* Can we expect any of them to pop back into the story at some point? And was it hard to let them go?

T: Oh yes. We have plans to touch back on just about everyone. Of course some of those plans are “I think it would be nice if we see so-and-so again” while others are concrete. The hardest character to let go was the one who leaves before the kids reach their destination in the next book. In fact, this person was originally going to leave partway through Tunnelville, but we kept pushing it back and eventually decided to leave the last one as a cliffhanger since we didn’t want to part ways yet. How’s that for teasing book three?

E: At least one of those “victims” will be back in a very big way. That’s all I’m going to say, because I’d like to think that I’m not as much of a tease as Troy.

And speaking of book's officially been submitted to MuseItUp Publishing. We're hoping for a tentative release date of June 2014.

September 9, 2013—Review from Roberta at Offbeat YA

Roberta, writer of the excellent Offbeat YA blog, posted a very well written and insightful review of Wakefield. Here's an excerpt: "You know, most paranormal novels are fairly predictable. Usually, a girl develops a certain kind of power (all of a sudden, but she may have had it for a while sometimes), then meets the new boy at school and feels inexplicably drawn to him (most of the times it's just your average hormonal surge, but still)...then they end up developing both a romantic and paranormal bond and set out to save the world - or part of it. Well...nothing of that happens here. Which is SO refreshing, if you ask yours truly."

Since one of our primary goals with the series was to break from the mold of typical YA Paranormal and create characters that didn't devolve into predictable stereotypes, reviews like this make us feel all warm and fuzzy and validated. You can check out the full review here.

Troy's got Sylvanville Spirits on sale at Amazon for $.99 and he's officially cracked the top 25 in Horror. Yay Troy!

July 14, 2013—Four Star Review for Tunnelville & New Website

Happy Sunday, Mad World fans. We've received another four star review from Sarah at Total Teen Fiction. Check it out here. Our favorite line this time around is "I love the urban fantasy vibe and can't wait to discover more of the world, and the characters kept me entertained throughout." Thanks, Sarah!

In addition to his blog, the illustrious Troy Gardner now has is own website to showcase is solo work. You can explore the world of the mad literary genius at

We know you want to meet some of the new characters introduced in Tunnelville—we'll have some new interviews and playlists coming soon. Over and out!

June 28, 2013—Tunnelville Has Arrived...

The day has finally arrived, Mad World fans. Tunnelville (Mad World, Book Two) is officially on sale. You can spend your hard-earned cash at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the MuseItUp bookstore. We should be adding more vendors to that list in the near future.

If you pick up a copy and burn through it like we know you will, don't forget to review it on Goodreads!

In other news, our first draft of book three is nearly complete. Looks like it's going to be the Summer of Revisions.

May 15, 2013—New Vendors!

After way too much ado, Wakefield is finally available from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and the iBooks store. Nook and Apple owners can now feel free to download directly to their devices with relative ease. Hooray! We know you want to be the first reader to review Wakefield on B&N. Get on it!

In other news, we have officially moved into the line editing phase for Tunnelville. Sarah, our line editor, has excellent taste in books and a hilarious web comic and blog.

May 2, 2013—Charity Auction & Four Star Review

Sarah, of the UK based Total Teen Fiction blog, reviewed Wakefield today. Our favorite line of the review is "The ending of this book blew me away..." Hells yeah. Read the review here.

In other news, we've got Wakefield in another charity auction bundle. Lots of great items up for bidding. Support the cause and check it out here.

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